Old and New business

Some pictures from a recent wander around Glasgows ‘financial’ district A place where money use to be made from trade and now is made by phone

First an old warehouse that was extended in the past. When it was first built ships could sail to the docks at the end of the street and offload their cargo


Next an example of how the old and new mix. An old building, The lane at the back of it and the view from the other end of the lane.DSCF5456



2 thoughts on “Old and New business”

  1. Excellent. This is what I want to see. After a shitty day of code problems I open up my RSS feed reader and there’s a new post.

    Can you name the streets? I don’t recognise the buildings. I usually like to have a nosy around on google maps, too.


  2. The old building is on Robertson st at the Argyle st end and you can go most of the way down the alley on google maps. If you go down the alley as far as you can and look at the window on the left you will see the Google photo car reflected.
    The warehouse is in James Watt street there is another old warehouse on the opposite side of the street but its just the front wall


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