The afternoon light was waning. The house was still and quiet. It must be nearly time thought Jack as he pushed the chair over to the window. He looked down the road. The sky was grey. A few cars passed. He wondered where the people were going?

Jack suddenly remembered: the surprise! He jumped down and ran into the kitchen (it was even darker in there). He looked at the switch on the wall but he had been warned not to put on any lights. He clambered up onto the worktop, stretched up to the shelf, brought down a cup and a small round tin then jumped down. He had never tasted coffee but he can remember the day (a couple of weeks ago) when his oldest brother brought it home for the first time. The Beatles were at number one in the charts. There was an excitement in the house that night. Jack was too young to understand what all the fuss was about. But what he did know was that Coffee was ‘special’. He prised open the tin the way his mother did by putting the handle of a teaspoon into the lip and forcing the lid up until it popped open. On this occasion the lid flew through the air and clattered onto the cold tiled floor shattering the silence. This made Jack a little scared but he was too excited to notice. He put sugar into the cup (2 teaspoons) then slowly sprinkled a little coffee at a time over the sugar.

Jack became lost in his thoughts while he sprinkled and stirred making beautiful patterns. And then with a startle, he jumped down and ran back into the living room taking his place at the window. He felt good; his mother would be very pleased. The house grew darker. The streetlights flickered a dull orange. Cars passed. Come on mum. Hurry up mum.


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