New Bass

For a long time I thought about trying learn to play the bass guitar and last year at about this time I got a second hand bass and started trying to play. The main problem I have is having small hands which makes it hard to reach as far enough to play some things.

I saw a really odd looking bass and after reading about it I realised it might be the thing I needed. Its called a Hofner shorty bass and is smaller than normal so I wont need to reach as far.

The photo below shows my normal bass and the shorty which as you can see lives up to its name.

It sounds good and is a bit easier to play it also feels like it has hardly any weight. It does have some drawbacks. Its hard to play sitting down because it isn’t curved enough to sit on your leg. I also found the pickup is to far back for me to put my thumb on while plucking the strings (as you are supposed to) fortunately the body is small enough for me to rest my thumb on that instead.

DSCF0378 (1)


One thought on “New Bass”

  1. Standard guitar has scale length of 650mm. The small bass doesn’t look that much longer.

    You can rest your thumb on the lower strings when you are playing on the higher strings. I use a similar technique on the classical guitar to provide an anchor for the hand. The thumb can rest on different strings depending on which string you are going to pluck.

    Moving the thumb with the hand to play on higher strings will help you maintain a consistent hand position when playing -> consistent tone and more comfortable since you don’t have to stretch your hand to reach the higher strings.


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