Glasgow Statues

Since I have already started to collect pictures of Murals elsewhere I decided to do something else here. This is the start of a series of photos of statues and carvings from around Glasgow. The first two are pictures of characters from an old comic strip Loby dosser There is information about it here.

The mounted figure is in Woodlands and is the only two legged equestrian statue in the world.


The other one is in Partick station



3 thoughts on “Glasgow Statues”

  1. My dearly departed dad was from Glasgow and loved dogs as well as all creatures great and small. He often told a tale about a little dog that was incredibly faithful and after his master’s death, lay at his grave every day for years and years, until his own death. Believe there is a likeness of this little dog in the form of a statue somewhere in Scotland. Your post made me recall my father’s story of loyalty.


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