Twenty-four: part 6

D minor


A brief look at the melodic structure.

  • A1: an ascending scale (D, E, F) with ornamentation on the middle note.
  • A2: repeats the idea of A1 with slight modification.
  • C1: a leap (major third) long note to short, then fall back in the opposite direction.
  • C2: same pattern as C1, but with a larger leap (diminished seventh).
  • A good general rule for leaps is to move in the opposite direction after the leap. This is the case in both C1 and C2.
  • B1, B2, B3: all descending scales.
  • B1 descends from A to C#, then there is a leap to start B2 immediately.
  • B2 descends from Bb to D. The Bb at the start of B2 is the high point of the melody – approximately the midpoint.
  • B1 and B2 is a (tonal) sequence. B2 repeats the motif of B1 with all the notes moved up by one degree of the scale.
  • B3 differs from B1 and B2: the scale rises at the end to return to the tonic.



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