Don’t paint it all black

Just because I get depressed don’t paint me with your blacks and blues
Don’t say everything I do springs from miseries dark roots
Open your eyes remove your shades see without the darkness you impose
Take each thing as it stands and leave your darkening hues

The black dog may be after me but it doesn’t always find me
The sky may be grey but bright beams shoot from it
There’s grim grinding times but also cheer and laughter
Life isn’t all downs and ups its usually a flat plain

My world isn’t all black blue it has red yellow hues
Spring flowers and autumn colours bring me joy
Music sets my spirits soaring up to the skies
Friends makes the world sparkle and glow

The things I say and make don’t all come from a black well
They spring from Joy from wonder from pleasure
Mostly I’m on an even keel and inspiration dances forth
Don’t paint me black because I see a rainbow, can you?

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