Lost in the pathways of possibility
not knowing where to go next
go the straight and predictable
follow the winding path to discovery or dead end

Follow the sign that says their way
follow the sign that says yours
ignore them both and walk out into the field
get lost and dirty with the hope of something new

Some spend their lives looking for the well of inspiration
always stumbling down the wrong bitter ending route
others born with the spoon of invention in their mouth
gush forth originality with their every move and word

Some find the oasis of creativity just once
some linger for a short while and never regain it
they have the hardest fate of all
to hold the chalice a while then see it float away never returning

For most of us its a small light on our path through life
a will o the wisp sometimes leading to amazement
sometimes into the bog of despair
without it life would be the a grey sea on a overcast day


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