The Briggait

I mentioned the Briggait when I posted the pictures of the drinking straw and realised that there are some interesting things on it that were worth showing.


First some history. The current building is the old fish market which is now artist studios. The fish market was built in the 19th century before that it was housing and before that it was the Merchants guildhall which is where the steeple comes from. When the merchants moved out they insisted the steeple was kept ‘as an ornament to Glasgow’.

The decoration on the building reflects its past with this ship on top of the steeple from the merchants.


The decoration on the fish market also reflects its purpose.

This is theĀ side of the building near the river and as you can see above the entrance ways there are some odd mythological sea creatures.

On the other side of the building apart from the coat of arms of Glasgow you have a couple of odd characters looking out of stone portholes. I think these are supposed to be pagan sea or river gods possibly the god of the Clyde?


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