Solar system

Another unusual statue this time on the end of a building on the corner of Byres road and University avenue. The phases of the moon are clear. I assume the black thing in the centre is the sun and the green lines represent the planets going around it but I am not sure what the green decoration painted on the wall is supposed to represent.



One thought on “Solar system”

  1. Interesting. It took me a couple of minutes to find the statue on google street view – it’s quite high up on the building on the corner.

    I think this is to do with an eclipse. The shapes of the phases match the shapes created by eclipses. The shape of the moon during its “fatter” phases is different.

    I think it might be a solar eclipse. Then the black central circle makes sense – this is the full eclipse. The painting on the wall might represent the solar corona – those parts of the sun we can only see when the main disc is covered.


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