St Vincent place statues

This is another of those elaborate puzzle buildings where there are lots of symbolic carvings for you to guess the meaning of. Currently its is a branch of the Clydesdale  bank but I don’t know if it was built for them originally.

First on the ground floor you have these circular carvings. I am not sure about the Angel though it might be a specific one symbolising something, the castle I would guess is safety and reliability, the ship trading but the vase of flowers is a real puzzle.

Next is the doorway. There are circular carvings on each side with female heads with thistles round them so I would guess they represent Scotland. the doorway itself has a male head above a globe with the latin motto Litore ad Litus or shore to shore. Its a way of saying we are everywhere.

On the first floor above the door are two figures. the one on the right appears to be about to stamp on a lamb though I don’t think thats what is happening. The lamb looks very similar to the lamb of god in old paintings which may be significant. The other figure has a sickle and sheaves of corn which is a bit more obvious. She symbolises plenty. In which case I would guess the other figure is peace.


The second floor above the door has more statues and the Glasgow coat of arms. Above the coat of arms is our old friend St Mungo dressed as a bishop. The statue on the left is a blacksmith about to be crowned with a laurel wreath indicating manufacturing is king. The one on the right is a trader with a figure holding a palm leaf behind him. The message this time is trade brings peace I think.


The over all design shows different things on the different floors.

It seems to be that the ground floor is saying this is us. We are Scottish, trade all over, are safe and reliable (and like flowers?). The next floor is hopes for peace and plenty (good for business). The second is that Glasgow is a the home of trade and manufacture. Overall then the message seems to be we are great at/for business and proud of where we are.  Its one of those corporate mission statement but in stone and with more elegance.


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