Giant safety pin

There use to be a maternity hospital in the centre of Glasgow at Rottenrow*. This was demolished a few years ago and replaced by a garden. Now instead of people frantically rushing about you can now sit in a relaxing green space. The safety pin is a reference to the way they use to fasten nappies before they had disposable ones.

*The street name medieval and its origin is disputed but I like the one that comes from several other places with this street name, a row of rat infested houses.


One thought on “Giant safety pin”

  1. I used to live across from the rottenrow mat hospital. They used to say, they built it there because by the time the woman walked up the hill they were near enough giving birth lol. Also, they had a separate annex for the woman who were birthing out of wed lock!!! On another note, my family had a group when we were young, my brothers and sisters, connected to church, we used to go on Christmas Day to entertain the families with food and songs. These are all the good memories. Thank you for prompting them.

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