Bank statues

It wasn’t only the Victorians who went in for decorating buildings with statues  using symbolism to advertise their virtues these four are Art deco examples from what use to be a bank. The winged serpent staff  usually associated with medicine here indicates Mercury the god who amongst other things was in charge of commerce. The horns with fruit in are horns of plenty. The bank is hinting that they are good at business and are well financed.


Exchange here is holding a boat and wearing a crown to stress her importance. Security is grasping a box and has a hat of keys showing how the bank values security.


Prudence is looking suitably demure and holds a scroll. Adventure is being more outgoing. She is holding something that if it had been more recent I would have said is a ball point pen and which I have no idea what its meant to be. I am not sure why a bank wanted to show adventure when they usually wanted to show solid reliability.

Its interesting the way the artist has used the way the statues pose to get across his message. Exchange being regal (Despite holding her hat on), Security being stern and staring you down, Prudence being demure and avoiding your gaze, Adventure posing and showing off.


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