Lightning strikes twice

I don’t know what music does for you but for me it often has a deep and profound effect. It does not matter what the music is even if its a kind I will normally not like, I hear it and it drags me off to a different place. The place might be where I just want to jump up and down to use up the energy it feeds me, it might be rhythm makes me wish I could dance, it might make tear well up or take me to many other strange places. Thats why I always listen to all sorts of music, I never know when lightening will strike and take me to a new and wonderful place.

In the past couple of weeks I have had this happen twice with two very different pieces of classical music first is Gavin Bryars a modern composer and his piece Incipit Vita Nova which I find creates a great feeling of calm for me (it might not for you).

The other is a more traditional type of Classical music from a composer I have never really listened to because his music to me is part of the English pastoral style of classical music (sometimes described as cowpat music) which I find pretty dull. In this case it again has a calm (despite the sometimes harsh piano), nostalgic yearning and passion. It is Gerald Finzi’s Eclogue.


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