Old savings bank

Some more photos of statues this time on an ex bank. The old savings bank on Ingram street (now the Corinthian club) is covered in statues at the top of the ground floor level. The first ones to grab the eye are the figures of men being crushed by the weight of the building. There are half a dozen and they are all different but the sculptor has done a great job of conveying the feeling of straining to hold the building up.


Almost hidden behind them in deep shadow (which is why the pictures are not that good, sorry) are a set of low relief female allegorical figures. Somehow the heads of all these figures have been badly damaged. Weathering seems an unlikely cause because the heads are right under the pediment. They represent security (keys and locked box). Rather surprisingly another seems to represent drink because she holds a cup and has some wine jugs. There is one who appears to be spinning and has what looks like cotton bails behind her probably representing cloth making. The next represents farming as she has a basket of fruit and some sheaves of corn  behind her. The next one is badly weathered but appears to have a hammer in her hand and blocks of stone behind her so may represent building. Finally Another badly weathered figure she has a boat in her hand a globe next to her and a capstan behind her she also has a pattern of fish along the bottom of her dress all of which indicate she represents sea trade.


On the corners of the building are two odd looking sets of oversized cherubs and fantasy dragon boats. The first and most complete shows a pair of blacksmiths with various cogs and an anchor. These probably represent engineering and ship building. The other one half the boat is missing and it looks like there was a problem when the building was built. This one has a spinning wheel a spindle and what looks like cloth at the bottom so it may represent weaving. One odd thing is the figure on the left appears to have a sling.

Finally over the door is a figure of a bishop its our old friend St Mungo again.



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