The development of a poem

Building on the bare bones of the short phrases about autumn and putting some flesh on them here is my next step. After this come adding, removing and rearranging until I am happy with the way it feels.


In the shops the bags of veg for soup appear on the shelves
in the streets the light summer clothes disappear
Big winter coats, cardigans and sweaters are suddenly in favour
the sandals and light shoes are replaced with big warm boots
as the first chills of autumn appear

Windows closed and heating turned on
the smell of smoke from the newly lit fires
halloween costumes and bags of treats add to shopping lists
the first signs of Christmas make an early appearance
as we prepare to celebrate the changes of the seasons

Trees present their multi coloured glory to show the year is ending
They drop their leaves onto the roads and paths draping them in a blanket
Summer birds and butterflies have flown who knows where looking for warmth
Vs of gees fly over sounding mournful as they pass
Natures last celebration and warning of the winter not far away

The first frosts coating the land in a gleaming white powder
it touches the last of the flowers making them shrivel away
the mists start to appear filling the valleys making the hills into islands
up above the clouds gather together forming a solid white sky
as the season slowly slides into winter

The nights grow longer colder and darker driving everyone indoors
the warm orange glow from the windows giving the promise of heat inside
on the cold sunny days its a pleasure to wrap up and go for a walk
the diamond clear blue skies are a pleasure to behold and lift the spirits up
the cold may be be feared but it has compensations to in the beauties it creates


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