Odd buildings

As I travel about its interesting to see the way people are so determined to fill the piece of land they have with a building. This results in some pretty odd buildings or ordinary buildings that look like they have been squeezed into a space they are not meant for.

This one is unusual because its a church that looks like its been shoehorned into a space between two other buildings.


Continuing the theme of filling a gap this shop looks like its a squatter filling the space where a tenement should be.


Another building occupying a small space this time a tiny house filling a gap.


The next one is a shop filling a gap but in this case its even tinier than you think. Look at the walls of the buildings on each side of it and you will see what I mean.


Finally a representative of a common building practice. In this case its a triangular plot of land where they have filled it as far as they could. I have seen examples narrower than this and know of one where the end wall is less than a meter wide.


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