Another day out

This is from my most recent outing. One of my favorite subjects to photograph is flowers and the crocuses are out so I had to go and take some pictures. My normal method for photographing flowers is to get up close to them but since I haven’t been well recently kneeling and crouching are not something I want to do so I used a zoom lens and stood back. This turned out to be a good way of getting a different perspective and allowed compositions that i normally  wouldn’t be able to get.

Recent day out photos

I normally document any places I visit or days out and put them up for family and friends to view. I have been persuaded to put some of them here as well so this first batch is from a couple of weeks ago when I had a short walk in Glasgow mostly photographing the architecture. The first one is a building turning itself into an abstract picture. The next two are reflections of the changes to Queen street railway station. The first picture is recent the other is from a few years ago. I will have to go back when the re-building is finished and take another one to match these.

Another old Challenge

I am slowly trying to catch up on old challenge photos in this case macro (more accurately close up since I don’t have a macro lens yet). I couldn’t think of anything to do for this so just grabbed some bits and pieces to make some mini sculptures. I have included a bonus photo of my assistant cleaning up after the shoot.

An addition to Always the same always different

In my old post Always the same always different there are photos of the same statue at different times. I recently did another close up of the statue taken at night. The slight problem is that there are no lights and I was trying to find a black statue in the dark. Finally I spotted the plinth which is white. The photo makes it look like there is a bright light behind it but I really couldn’t see the statue. I have included the final edited version of the photo and an unedited one which gives a better idea of how dark it was. I should also just mention I was taking the photo hand held just to make it more difficult.