Basket of tools

This is one of the more unusual statues in the centre of Glasgow. Its next to the old court building in Hutcheson street.




Bright sunlight bathed beige walls
populated with prints
espousing the finest coffee

The white face of her watch
was like a full moon fixed in orbit
around the large circular table where she sat

Her mass of black hair was held up in a clip
like a giant clam where tendered tendrils
spiralled like moths licking the naked flame of milky flesh

Dressed darkly she had the demeanour
of a cluttered house where cats scurry from draughty corners
for the prize of warm corpulent thighs

Tron Theatre statues

The statues on the Tron theatre with one exception don’t have any special meaning as far as I am aware. There is a giant Cherub on the front a very large skull on the back of the theatre and St Mungo on the side of the tower.

St Mungo is a bit different first because he is not a statue but an automaton that is supposed to move when the clock chimes (I can’t verify this as I have never seen it happen). Unlike the other two statues which are just decoration St Mungo is surrounded by his symbols,A bird, a fish, a tree and a bell.