Eastwood New Cemetery


A hidden Gem

This post is about one of my favourite buildings Its a great piece of Art Nouveau.


This isn’t something you will find mentioned much which is a shame. The ground floor use to be a bank while the upper floors are tenements. There are a couple of odd things about it when it was new in 1900 it must have been just about the cutting edge of fashion. Banks don’t usually have fashionable styling instead going for more solid traditional styles to emphasise their reliability. The other oddity is the location you would expect this to be in one of the wealthier fashionable suburbs but it was built in the middle of a working class area.

The decoration on the building is really well done with the carvings and weathervane being great examples of the style.


Further down on the buildings are some beautifully designed angels


The door way to the bank is very elaborate and shows some arts and crafts influence with coats of arms and medieval figures. I also like the colourful decoration round the door.


Finally one more carving.


There can’t be many banks with carvings showing someone grasping money.


Some notes on don’t paint it all black

I normally wouldn’t have any notes about something I have written because it should stand on its own but in this case I feel like adding an explanation.

The inspiration for the poem was watching a documentary about the musician Nick Drake where the person talking said something like “When I learned that Nick had depression it completely changed the meaning of the songs”.

My reactions were

  1. IDIOT!
  2. It changes nothing.
  3. Not everything was created during depression or is about it. Most songs will be about other things why can’t you see that.

It spurred me on to write the poem.

You may have guessed Its also partly about my experiences because I have had depression to.

Don’t paint it all black

Just because I get depressed don’t paint me with your blacks and blues
Don’t say everything I do springs from miseries dark roots
Open your eyes remove your shades see without the darkness you impose
Take each thing as it stands and leave your darkening hues

The black dog may be after me but it doesn’t always find me
The sky may be grey but bright beams shoot from it
There’s grim grinding times but also cheer and laughter
Life isn’t all downs and ups its usually a flat plain

My world isn’t all black blue it has red yellow hues
Spring flowers and autumn colours bring me joy
Music sets my spirits soaring up to the skies
Friends makes the world sparkle and glow

The things I say and make don’t all come from a black well
They spring from Joy from wonder from pleasure
Mostly I’m on an even keel and inspiration dances forth
Don’t paint me black because I see a rainbow, can you?