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The sun may have dimmed me but your still glad I’m there
the flicker on the gadget, the sign for the door and showing your kettles heating.

Modest and unassuming you would miss me if I was gone.
how would you work rest and play without me there.

When the sun dances over the western horizon I will still be here
I will be helping you get home, get dinner and watch your TV

As you wind down and get ready for bed I still work
I light the way, provide a reassuring glow and keep the bogey men at bay.

Fluffy Dogs

Outside a busy supermarket two fluffy dogs are taking the attention of a passing family; the owner is proudly chatting while we all look at the dogs.

The dogs’ coat reminds me of a childhood memory where I would cut out two circles of a card like giant polo mints, wind wool around until no more would fit, then cut with scissors and fluff up into a pompom. I can feel the sensation taking my hand over the top of the wool while watching the children carefully touching the coats of the beautiful dogs.

As we walk past my gaze falls upon a child in a special wheelchair; her head tightly supported she has no choice but to look above. The mother’s face is long and as expressionless as the overcast sky.