Black and White Shapes Challange

3 from 36 +1.

Photographs are from the Isle of Skye and Mallaig.

Black and white Shapes challenge

Its been a while since we had a challenge but the new one is black and white shapes from thirty six that were taken in an hour. I only managed thirty four before running out of time 😦 All the pictures here were taken in the Gorbals Glasgow.


36 in 1

A new feature?

The contributors to Slippery pavement have the challenge of getting three good photos in one hour and to make it harder can only take thirty six photos. The idea stemmed from seeing others doing one hour of photography and a comment about a photographer who aimed to get one very good photo in thirty six (this was in the days of film when a roll limited you to thirty six pictures).

This is the first attempt

Photos by Mr Dull

Photos by Gary

Photos by Allan