Parliamentary Road revisited

A long time ago Gary did an article about a lost road in Glasgow which is here and today I made a long overdue follow up by walking along the path that follows its course. I goes through some unremarkable flats and high rise blocks but the path has entrance markers and statues along its length as you can see in the photos.

One end with a statue and some pillars that mark the entrance to the path


The path


Some pictures of a statue at the middle of the path

Next a monument to the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh who lived in the area as a child.

Finally the other end of the path with some more pillars



Yet another unusual building

This building is across the road from the last one. There are a lot of buildings which taper to a point, this one is different because it tapers at both ends or possibly bulges in the middle. Its also been refurbished in recent years.

Another unusual building

Another unusual building this time a Pub. From the outside it looks normal but don’t be fooled. The front wall in effect forms the long side of a flattened triangle. I suspect it was built here because someone realised the railway companies had kindly provided a free back wall and there was a space that no one else wanted.


It has recently been refurbished and now uses both floors. Originally there was only the ground floor which I have been told consisted of a bar with some chairs in front. From photos of the refurbishment it looks like there was also a chair and very small table squashed into a corner.

Here are a couple of photos taken from opposite ends of the new upstairs level which gives you an idea of how narrow a space this fills. Incidentally the original first floor was living space for the person running the pub. It must have been a very small apartment.