Nihilism at the Kitchen Sink

Washing a dish
Is anything but bliss
And shirts to iron
Bars of a cell
Housework is hell



Beautiful rain has been falling all night
The temperature is back to normal for this time of year
For days and nights snow had fallen and frozen
Paths were cleared and gritted
To be covered and recovered
A picturesque vista

This morning
I open the curtains
The snow and ice have gone
The street looks tired with potholes and puddles
A trail of grit marks a pathway to the primary school
Where cigarette buts crowd the entrance


time travel

I’ve been on this journey forever
having left the station at nineteen seventy-two
it feels like a lifetime ago

moving at a constant one second per second
so they say
I’m not convinced
I’m sure I feel us gently accelerating
the child sitting next to me disagrees

my memories of the departure are hazy
I forget where I am sometimes
the landscape changes
but remains the same

we all have the same destination
everyone I’ve spoken to

but confusingly we don’t agree on the time of arrival

hers is later
his is sooner

it has been a tiring journey
sitting here what feels like my whole life
my body is starting to ache
I will be glad to reach the destination

I need the rest

The backpack of my past

I was listening to a program about the life and work of Meredith Monk and towards the end she came up with the wonderful phrase the backpack of my past which inspired me to write this.

In the backpack of my past I have found many things

some ancient images of treasured times
many half finished things
some unused ideas
a few regrets

some shining gems of happiness
black anthracite lumps of depression
some wonderful places
a few bleak locations

some shapes of long lost people
the shadows of half forgotten friends
some shapes of buildings no longer there
a few maps of streets long gone

some things learned and forgotten
many things learned and used
a lifetimes supply of experience
everything that makes up who I am

The development of a poem part 2

The last version was very much first thoughts and normally would not be seen but this series of posts is to show how things develop while writing. This version has a lot of changes which I hope remove some of the clumsy parts of the last version. Next should be trying to get everything into a better overall shape.


In the shops the bags of veg for soup appear
in the streets the light summer clothes disappear
winter coats, cardigans and sweaters become the norm
socks and big warm boots replace dainty shoes
as the first chills of autumn appear

Windows closed and heating turned on
the smell of smoke from the newly lit fires
halloween costumes arrive in shops
the first signs of Christmas appear
as we prepare to celebrate the change of season

Trees present their multi coloured glory as their year is ending
their leaves drop to the ground draping in a rustling blanket
Summer birds and butterflies have flown who knows where
Vs of gees fly over sounding mournful as they pass
Nature celebrates summers passing and warning of winter to come

The first frosts coating the land in a gleaming white powder
it touches the last of the flowers making them shrivel away
the mists start to appear filling the valleys with a white sea
up above clouds gather together forming a solid white sky
as the season slowly slides into winter

The nights grow longer colder and darker driving everyone indoors
the orange glow from the windows giving the promise of warmth inside
the pleasure to wrap up on the cold sunny days to go a walk
the diamond clear blue skies are a joy to behold lifting the spirits up
the cold has compensations in the beauties it creates