Walk down Cumbernauld Field

I finally got the camera out and went for a winter walk. I did a little experimenting using my 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.


time travel

I’ve been on this journey forever
having left the station at nineteen seventy-two
it feels like a lifetime ago

moving at a constant one second per second
so they say
I’m not convinced
I’m sure I feel us gently accelerating
the child sitting next to me disagrees

my memories of the departure are hazy
I forget where I am sometimes
the landscape changes
but remains the same

we all have the same destination
everyone I’ve spoken to

but confusingly we don’t agree on the time of arrival

hers is later
his is sooner

it has been a tiring journey
sitting here what feels like my whole life
my body is starting to ache
I will be glad to reach the destination

I need the rest

Parliamentary Road revisited

A long time ago Gary did an article about a lost road in Glasgow which is here and today I made a long overdue follow up by walking along the path that follows its course. I goes through some unremarkable flats and high rise blocks but the path has entrance markers and statues along its length as you can see in the photos.

One end with a statue and some pillars that mark the entrance to the path


The path


Some pictures of a statue at the middle of the path

Next a monument to the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh who lived in the area as a child.

Finally the other end of the path with some more pillars